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Case histories

APRIL 2017
Belotti Spa and Camattini Meccanica: Cooperating to reach far into the future of composites materials

APRIL 2017
Belotti 5-axis machining centres seen through CPC's experience: Carbon fibre in luxury car manufacturing

Trimming of plastic components: Belotti and Lapiplast cooperation

JUNI 2016
Belotti and Metalmeccanica Tiberina: a successful poker

APRIL 2016
Belotti & Cassina in cooperation for the interior design industry

MÄRZ 2016
Made in Italy Design: Belotti in cooperation with Fiat Style Center

MAI 2015
Alluminio Sammarinese: Italian excelllence in providing aluminium extrusions for the automotive industry

APRIL 2015
TAI decided to implement its machine tools fleet with a new Belotti machining center

ORBITAL ATK renews his trust in Belotti S.p.A. and his product

Nissan Design Europe: The 5-axis machining center Belotti stores the first year of production of model design

JULI 2014
Turkish Airlines Technic - Istanbul Airport: A Belotti machining center at the service of Turkish Airlines

JULI 2014
Meccanica Sbarzaglia: Precision and quality in composite milling

MAI 2014
Prototyping: Ford chose Belotti as partner

MÄRZ 2014
Rafnar: the new machining center NAVY 17072 reduces time and costs of the process cycle

OLSA - Precision in support of automotive production

Belotti and Euro Composites: a successful and long-lasting cooperation

Inauguration of Mahindra productive district in Bangalore in the presence of Mr. Anand Mahindra

JUNI 2013
Belotti and Gurit: a luxury partnership for automotive market

JUNI 2013
Belotti Spa and Ural Locomotives cooperates for the Russian railway industry

MÄRZ 2013
Belotti and Hintsteiner: an important contract for 5-axis carbon components milling in automotive market

JULI 2012
Belotti and Prodrive: a winning choice

MÄRZ 2012
Aeronautic industry: Belotti takes up TAI challange

Belotti Spa and Aria Group: together to increase productivity

JULI 2011
Belotti and Novem: the perfect combination for car interiors production

JUNI 2010
Belotti and Cranchi: another success in boatbuilding market

Belotti and Persico: the cooperation continues

APRIL 2009
Belotti and Guazzoni: experience and versatility for customer's satisfaction